Oh Hello There…


My name is Amber Mosby and I am now officially blogging my thoughts for my Education 407 class. Since this is an introductory blog I figured I would go ahead and tell you all about me.

What is most interesting about me is that I am writer. If I leave no other legacy behind I will leave my writing. Next I am a photographer. I took my first photography class in high school when I was 17 and I have yet to break the habit of constantly snapping photos at all the wrong moments.

I am 27 years old. My birthday is Nov. 18th and I consider myself to be one very groovy Scorpio, I can only hope that others agree with me. Also I am tall. To some that is not important but to me it is because I very much enjoy being tall. Amazon is a word thrown around constantly because I am 5’10.

My favorite color is black and I am also heavy into books. Don’t ask me my favorite type pf music because I just love music. I love it. I have no pets but I would like a pet pig, which I plan to name P-Rok when I get the chance. I had hamsters as a child because my mother is not a fan of animals.

Those are just a few facts about me. Hopefully people will enjoy reading this blog


3 thoughts on “Oh Hello There…

  1. lukemeyer says:

    I actually loved reading this! Thanks for sharing. I like to take a lot of spontaneous photos too, which means that inevitably, some happen at the wrong moment. Looking forward to getting to know you 🙂

  2. katymata says:

    Hi Amber!!! Your bio really provides me with some great interesting facts about you. After reading that you’re a writer and photographer, I look forward to reading and hopefully seeing some great pictures on your upcoming blogs.

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