This week I got to learn all about making my own screencast video. I’ve seen them on YouTube a lot and I always wondered how they were made. It was a pretty neat experience overall.

Five educational reasons to use screencasts:

1. You can show an entire classroom how to perform a function without them having to be in a classroom…this allows for maximum exposure as well as giving students a chance to move at their own pace

2. It’s just really cool…as we have already seen technology rules the world. Everyone has some for of computer be it desktop or tablet. Having access to this type of program is just keeping up with the times

3. It’s a great tool for study…we all know about cramming for tests and how hard to can be to retain information. One is much more likely to process and memorize something they are doing themselves. The step by step guiding in screencasts is perfect for this

4. You’re teaching yourself while teaching others…EVERYBODY can learn something. Just like I did when I worked on this assignment.

5. It makes for a very great visual aid…it’s always much easier to show a person how than to tell a person how



2 thoughts on “Screencasts

  1. karlesseclayton says:

    I also agree with you about screencasts being a good way to show others how to do things. People call me all the time asking me to explain to them how to do things on the computer. It is frustrating not being able to point to things on the screen and tell them where to go. In a classroom this would be a good way to teach students how to do things like change margins on microsoft word or change the page layout without having to show each student one by one in the classroom. They can go home and watch a video from the teacher’s channel with frequently asked question.

  2. lukemeyer says:

    I agree with you, I think screencasts are great for a lot of different types of instruction, especially showing someone how to use something for the very first time. As you said, its much easier (not to mention more effective) to show someone how to do something rather than tell them. There is a lot of value is seeing someone navigate through a process themselves while narrating what they are doing. It is sort of like tapping into someone’s inner monologue while viewing what they are actually doing.

    Excellent points.

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