Cloudwarde Technology

Taken By Kevin Dooley
Taken By Kevin Dooley

When it comes to Cloud-ware…I am not a fan and at the same time I recognize the convenience of such programs. Lots of people enjoy the ability to gather all things in one place but I see this as a really easy way to lose all your work at one time. Sure it’s really great to be able to go to one site and see all your photos and favorite songs but most people are just going to back that work up on separate hard drives so they don’t lose it.

With that being said they are great tools for doing group projects when your group can’t meet face to face. As this world becomes more technology oriented people are spending less and less time with one another, collaboration tools are perfect for this. Share something on Google drive and people can have access from all over the world. This can basically be internet magic and that’s not half bad.

As far as using the cloud technology in classrooms it will make it incredibly easy to collect work. Create one file on a server that everyone can access and you just saved yourself a lot of lost papers and a lot of time chasing people down to collect things.

What I personally worry about is losing our communications skills. Human interaction is crucial for our psychological health and products like these give us the ability to create distances without us even realizing it. It worries me that soon we will not know how to have genuine conversations with one another but I could just be over thinking it all.


One thought on “Cloudwarde Technology

  1. lukemeyer says:

    Amber – Great post. I agree with your last paragraph that human interaction is crucial. There is something about being to explain yourself and your thoughts verbally to another person that simply cannot be replaced by online collaboration. Even Skype and Google hangouts can’t keep up with the real thing. The sound is poor. When two people talk at the same time, the sound cuts out. And there is generally a short lag in delivery. While these things might not sound like a big deal, they are CRUCIAL to really understanding one another. I am reminded of our group’s 3-way call we had just to clarify everything because chat was too slow, the Google hangout was overly complicated for getting 3 people in a room at the same time, and Skype lagged a bit on sound. HUMAN INTERACTION 4 LYFE!!!!!

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