Wow…I Really Did It!

DSC_0005Well the time has come ladies and gentlemen. We have reached the end of this semester and it has all been leading up this moment. How do I feel about it you ask? I’m overwhelmed mostly and vaguely surprised that it’s over already.

I’m having that typical end of the semester syndrome…every assignment is due one after another and each class has up to three major projects that must all be done by the second to last week of May. How did I get so jumbled up? On a brighter note, I have had a blast. This was the very first online class I’ve ever had where we were required to meet in an electronic classroom and I gotta say I love a new experience. I learned a lot in 407, freshened up on a lot of skills I already had, and made some pretty amazing projects that I am looking forward to showing off to people. My favorite examples would be my E Portfolio and eventually the WebQuest I will complete because both explain who I am in different ways.

This class covered a lot of new teaching techniques and I discovered that there are a lot of people out there who think about work the way that I do. We all want to be great teachers and that’s what it’s all about. Nori as a professor, is in a word, vibrant. She’s always excited about something, even when the room is dead silent she makes all the noise for us. That’s always a plus in a teacher I suppose.

My group mates consisted of like minded people for the most part and although I prefer to do all my work alone it wasn’t the worst thing ever to have the partners I had during this semester. Overall I had a good time, and I am coming out of this ready to apply all that I have learned in the field. I’m ready to challenge students to take their education to the next level and I must admit that’s probably the coolest part of what I got from this class.


2 thoughts on “Wow…I Really Did It!

  1. lukemeyer says:

    I hear you about the end of the semester. The projects mounting (I have the TPA2, the WebQuest, an instructional unit with five lesson plans, and fieldwork miscellaneous), the pressure building due to time running out, and the serious lack of motivation that sometimes hit because you just want to be DONE. Now, try that with a sick baby who never sleeps (meaning YOU don’t sleep), and never gives you a minute to get things done! Crazy. Nori is pretty rad. I think it takes a special type to get involved with the internet at such an early stage like she did, and then go and turn it into a career…pretty impressive. Like you, I feel fairly capable when it comes to new technology, however, I either wasn’t aware of some of the tools we used (Digo, Screencast), or had never used them much before (Google sites, the animation movie creator with the little characters, Extranormal). All in all, great class, great getting to work with others in ways that don’t require our bodies to be next to one another, cool stuff. Good luck to you Miss Mosby!

  2. fsabatelli says:

    I am with you Amber about this semester already being over. It went by so fast! I feel like I blinked and we are done. This was also my first online class where I had to meet in a virtual classroom. I though it was a really awesome and unique experience. It was interesting not physically getting to meet everyone but getting to know people by their voice. I also agree with you about Nori being a vibrant professor! I could tell she was enthusiastic about the topic and in turn it made me excited to learn. I was constantly encouraged and loved learned all these new tools we could use in our classroom. I also usually prefer to do all my work alone, but I liked the way we were able to collaborate in groups. We each had our individual parts by were able to work together.

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