A New Dawn…A New Day

Welcome, welcome welcome!

Yes...faux geek glasses
Yes…faux geek glasses

It is official I have decided to start blogging. For years now I have had friends, family, and enemies telling me how big my mouth is, how loud my voice is, and how I often have so much to say that I should start a blog. Well folks your wish is my command!

Originally this blog was created for one of my grad school classes and so all the earlier posts are about education, but now I have given it a new look, a new title, and a new attitude. So out with the old as they say and let’s get started with a new voice for our generation! In the posts on this blog you can expect me, Amber Mosby, to say whatever the hell I want to say. I will rant, I will rave, and I will do my best to inform the masses of my opinions on all things I deem blog worthy. I’m not one of those authors that go on record stating “If you don’t like what I post don’t read it”…I want you to read it.I absolutely love it when you read what I write. If you hate everything I have to say, please take time out of your day to tell me all about it because I swear to you I am going to take the time to read it and respond in kind!

I plan on covering all subjects from the latest attempts by Hollywood to convince us that they still make movies worth paying $13 for to that asshole friend that always shows up to the party with nothing in their hands and then talks the most smack about how lame everything is. I got thoughts on the latest hipster trends in sports (Looking at you here Westbrook!) right on down to the horrible memes posted on Facebook about Obama, he doesn’t carry his own umbrella we get it! Oh yes my friends I have a lot to say…here’s hoping somebody reads it.

I have a catch phrase that you will most likely see all over my posts so be prepared. When I figure out how to create a really cool banner and attach it to my posts I’ll be shoving that catch phrase down your throats, but not in an aggressive way I swear. Now that I’ve thoroughly introduced myself, let me just say you have been warned…

Yours truly,

Amber Mosby…”Forgive me if I don’t get excited” (CATCHPHRASE!!!)


2 thoughts on “A New Dawn…A New Day

  1. Jaguars says:

    I will read this. So, since we’ve discussed our “beef” will you notify me of future posts about our friendship problems before I see it on here? Have I earned that? Yes?

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