I Love My Body, Do You?

So here it is people my first rant and tonight I am tackling an issue that I think is really, really…REALLY getting out of control. It’s time to talk about this notion of “it’s super ok to be as fat as you want to be and if you disagree with me then you’re not happy with your own body”.


News flash people: NOBODY CARES HOW FAT YOU ARE ACCEPT YOU! Yes it is fantastic to promote a healthy body image, and yes I understand that not everyone has the metabolism to eat three cheeseburgers a day and stay thin but accepting that you’re not a skinny person and being an unhealthy slob is not the same thing.

The messages we are putting out in the world are confusing as hell am I an sick to death of hearing about it all. My Facebook feed is chuck full of posts talking about how real women have curves, and only dogs love bones, and I swear if I see one more picture of Marilyn Monroe in that white swimsuit with “She was a size 14” next to it I am going to blow up a building. Thank you for constantly reminding me that the average woman wears a size 12, and thank you for letting me know that you’re a big girl and big girls do it better, but I’ve got something important to tell you…I’m not buying it. The average woman is not skinny so it’s ok for me not to be skinny too? It’s ok for me to eat poorly and not stay healthy because being big is the new cool? The other day I saw a promotion online for a new plus size swimsuit line and they were calling the two pieces “fatkinis”. This apparently is becoming a popular term on websites promoting healthy body images. A “fatkini”…are you effing kidding me?!


I’m gonna need somebody to explain to me how we are promoting healthy body images by implying that another type is wrong? Big girls do it better? Real Women have curves? There is this constant need to shout about how much we all love being plus size but then every other minute of the day we’re talking about workout plans, diet pills, magic teas, and juice detoxes. We’ve got Alli, Hydroxycut, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers. There’s Nutrisystem, and Sensa, and QuickTrim with the Kardashians on all the bottles. So which is it? Are we happy fat people or not?

Saying that bigger is better and skinny is wrong is not the answer. The answer is realizing that there is only one of you in this whole wide world and that you have to get right with yourself in order to “do it better”. Now before anyone gets excited and starts calling me a  hater of all that is chubby let me just go on record and say that I am nowhere near skinny and my jean size is 16. I am 5’10 and I am about as curvy as they come but I have every intention of working on my body until I reach a pant size and weight that I want to celebrate. I don’t need anyone to tell me what I should look like and that’s the message that should be promoted. How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? How do you want to walk through this life? Not everyone can be a size six but that doesn’t mean we tell the size sixes to get big like us so that we can feel better about how we look.

A person’s weight is an individual thing so why oh why do we all feel the need to make this a major social problem. I’m tired of hearing about it, tired of going over it with people. and I am certainly tired of people trying to convince me that I need to love me more. I absolutely love me, even if I weighed six hundred pounds I would love me but I would still know that I have no damn business weighing six hundred pounds. Healthy body image and overweight are not synonymous with one another. Celebrating being thick, and making excuses to not workout are not synonymous with one another. It’s time we started to realize the difference.


Yours truly,

Amber Mosby…”Forgive me if I don’t get excited”


8 thoughts on “I Love My Body, Do You?

  1. Amber Roth Rhyner says:

    And the Marilyn Monroe thing, I checked that out one day because of a comment I saw. Marilyn Monroe was never a 14, that got that size from a dress made for her in England and they use different sizes. Her weight ranged from 118-140 pounds her measurements were 35-37/22-23/35-36. That’s curvy, way curvy, but smallish, her sizes ranged from a 4-10. It’s like they’re to find more reasons not to try and go ahead and eat more donuts.

      1. Amber Roth Rhyner says:

        Absolutely serious!! I think that picture in the white bathing suit is probably when she was at her heaviest. Her seamstress, or maid, I forget said that she had a miscarriage, that’s when she was at her “biggest” which wasn’t big, or even plus size in any sense of the word. Look at her waist size!! That’s smaller than runway model criteria. I also read that her curves like defy physics lol, kidding, but when they want to “show” her clothes they have to make special mannequins for them, because she is just not built like anyone, she was an extreme hour glass. I think it’s rather ironic that the icon everyone is touting as the “ideal” has an unattainable shape…..without surgery and corsets anyway 😉

      2. Amber Roth Rhyner says:

        Wait that’s not quite right, not the “ideal”….how to put it, like she’s the “average” woman, but her shape is pretty unattainable. Does that make more sense?

      3. amosby85 says:

        No I see what you’re saying. She’s held up like an icon that women should model their bodies after but it’s an unattainable goal so we would be setting ourselves up for failure lol

  2. Amber Roth Rhyner says:

    Thank you!!! I think every woman should read this! This has bugged me since the how curvy girls are better than skinny girls thing started. And not because I’m a skinny girl, I like to think of myself as lean. I’ve said it before, and you might have seen it, there is no better than, there is only different than. Tearing a group of people down to build another group up is not the way to make a healthy foundation of self esteem. They’r still comparing themselves to someone else. The only person you should be comparing yourself to….is you. Can I tell you how many times when I’ve talked about my work outs I’ve been asked “why are working out, you don’t need to lose weight”. But it’s that attitude that has gotten us where we are, people that are in good shape are because they work out, they do it to be healthy and in good shape. That shit doesn’t just happen. Sure you might find some people that are naturally skinny and have a crazy metabolism but they probably have bad muscle tone, most people aren’t just “born that way” you have to work at it. Plus the whole double standard gets in my craw. Can you imagine the shit storm that would happen if someone made a group “fit chicks are better than fat chicks”?

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