Let’s Talk Sports

Ok so 2013 has seen a lot of big moves in the sports world. There have been upsets, new coaches, and replacements that nobody cares about. Me being the semi regular sports fan that I am, I thought I would go ahead and put in my two cents about some of things I’ve been reading. So sit back while I break it down for the NBA and the NFL because those are the only two sports I care about:


Miami Heat-

They came in to beat the Spurs in game 7 much to the disappointment of many people but I can’t help wondering if people wanted Miami to lose of if the just wanted King Lebron to lose. Lately “Wa Wa Lebron” has been on every social network calling out haters and demanding to know why people are all pissed at him. He seems to continuously put his foot in his mouth when it comes too fans but I would be lying if I didn’t go ahead and give the man his due. In the last two games of the finals Lebron made over 30 points each game and while I certainly don’t care for his attitude I have to admit he pulled himself together and played well. In fact I’m going to go ahead and give a nod of respect to the team of Miami for coming through in the clutch (looking at you Ray Allen and Mike Miller). No we didn’t want them to win but they did…good for you guys

LA Lakers-

What can I say about the purple and gold that hasn’t been said at this point….they FLOPPED. I’ve never seen so many superstar players come together on a team and fail so miserably at playing well with one another. With a season riddled with injuries, new players, and a new coach the Lakers were clearly doomed from the start. They barely cinched that 8th spot in the playoffs and then Kobe Bryant tears an Achilles tendon and it was all over. This team just couldn’t seem to pull themselves together and it was a tragic thing to watch. To all the fair weather fans I’m sure you scattered under the dark clouds but here’s hoping they pull themselves together for next season.

Roster Changes-

Ding Dong Superman has left the building! Dwight Howard has officially left the Lakers to join the Houston Rockets causing disappointment in NO ONE. I don’t think I read a single Facebook status or Tweet that wasn’t commenting on the fact that nobody cared that he was leaving and some people were even happy to see him go. Tough break Superman, maybe next time.

CP3 comes back to the Clippers which everyone is excited about along with Darren Collison, Andrew Bynum is on his way to Cleveland, Andrea Bargnani heads over to the New York Knicks and in a move I personally found most shocking; Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierece leave the Celtics to go to Brooklyn? I’m still reeling over that one.



Aaron Hernandez-

Need I say anything at all? Immediately fired from the New England Patriots for a murder charge, the social world was all abuzz with the news that Hernandez was being charged for the execution style murder of his friend right before the start of training camps. Tragic though it may seem we know this is not the first time this great sport has been tainted by such crimes. Rape, murder, and brutal attacks seem to be more and more common in this sport, it’s all bad my friends.

Players to look out for-

Colin Kaepernick: Beyond being a super hottie, this young quarterback is a force. With over 1800 yards in his last season, he has taken this movement of quarterbacks running very seriously almost causing an upset in last year’s Superbowl against the Ravens. I look forward to seeing him play

The Seahawks: This team is up and coming in a serious way, proving that they have earned their hype if nothing else. There are lots of rumors going around about this possibly being their year to go to the Superbowl. They may have horrible colors on their uniforms but this team is unforgettable for more than just lime green shoes. They are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Tim Tebow: Poor guy…he’s just floating around as a free agent with team after team considering him and then rejecting him. The latest setback comes from the New England Patriots who were set to sign Tebow as their quarterback but then changed their minds when they realized he had nothing to contribute to the team. Tebow will be attending the Patriots sports camp in an attempt to prove his worth but it’s still up in the air. This is far fall from grace for the man who had an entire meme created from his pregame and post game ritual of kneeling and praying at the game.


Now before I go I must make a comment about the one and only David Beckham retiring from the game of soccer. I’m not a huge fan of the sport but I certainly enjoyed watching that man do absolutely anything.

Thanks for reading!

Yours truly,

Amber Mosby…”Forgive me if I don’t get excited


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