The Free Bird

Hello there readers!

Some of you may not know this about me but I am a full blown fiction writer. Yes I’m sure you’ve gotten used to my satirical blogs and I promise that they aren’t going anywhere but every now and then I like to write just because it’s fun.


Without further ado here is my short essay, “The Free Bird”

The Free Bird

She was a girl who broke every rule. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking she’s full of herself right? Well you’re half right. She broke every rule, because it was easier to rebel than to try and actually belong. You know how it goes when you walk into a situation and you tell yourself, this time I’m going to change. You tell yourself that it is this time that you will be good. But she’s never good. She’s the girl you drag out of the party because she’s had to one many and trust me she’s fighting you the entire way. She’s the girl who has sex with you, smiling all along and then blames you for taking advantage of her. Oh yes, this is the girl who cries when no one is watching but if you accused her of it she would beat you senseless. Weakness is her kryptonite. She has no respect for it, wants absolutely nothing to do with it, but she is so undeniably weak. And so she breaks the rules. Ask her yourself if you ever get the chance to meet her and she’ll tell you it’s true.

She lives in a world of her own, created from the thousands of pages of books that she’s read in her young lifetime. No one can fit in the world that exists in her head and she knows it. It doesn’t stop her from holding people to impossible standards. It doesn’t stop her from using this fairy tale world as a tool to push people away. She dreams of a time of warriors and knights, both gallant and noble in their good fight, she wants one for herself. If you think you are that man let these words stop you now. She will destroy you. There is something wrong with you, you see. Something so awful in your dark soul that she will find it and expose it to the light and you will be laid bare before the world. Once this task is accomplished she will laugh at you and leave you where you lay at the mercy of the masses. I bet you were a good guy before you met her, bet you called your mother every Sunday just to say hello. She was so different right? She was like no one you had ever met. Trust me friends that is how she snares you. She told you that you were special, claimed no other guy had ever made her feel this way and then you caught her in bed with your best friend and she laughed right? Yeah that’s her, she breaks all the rules.

She was born under a dark moon, in the pitch black of night when the dark lovers are free to roam. Night time is her safe haven, easier for the hunt. The darkness is inside her. She was lied to one too many times, laughed at a little too loudly, told she was ugly long enough to believe it. It is true that she isn’t winning any beauty contests but she never lacks for attention. She learned how to work what she’s got a long time ago. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta learn friends. But I was talking about the darkness that resides behind her brown eyes. She tries her best to hide it, even from herself but often enough it cannot be denied and then she does awful things. No sacrifice too small, no person to great to escape her, she breaks all the rules.

She is a lover of animals, mostly big but a few small. Her constant need for attention made pets a must have and there were plenty throughout the years. They died in case you’re wondering, not by her hands mind you but they died just the same. When there were not animals, there was money, and when the money runs out I am sure there will be other things, like children. She has always wanted to be a mother. Strange that she would want such a thing when she can barley tolerate the noise of another person’s child. But she wouldn’t be who she is if she wasn’t such a contradiction. I’m losing my train of thought. I’m trying to tell you the good things. She is a person who smiles freely and believe me when I say you have never seen a lovelier thing than when she truly smiles. She smiles with her whole body, even her toes. I mean you just have to believe me when I tell you she’s a rule breaker.

She once had a vision for her life that involved being free forever but she let the world get her down, and then she blamed everyone. It went downhill from there. Anger is almost synonymous with her name and if I knew it I would tell it to you but she was never one for formalities. She breezed into my life ages ago, left a gaping hole where my happiness used to be and then flew off. I must admit that I was mighty bitter but I couldn’t blame her for being who she is, that’s not my bag you see. I envy her and her ways. Her ability to come in and destroy anything that might have held any beauty to her is quite literally the most astounding thing you could ever see. She does it so thoroughly but what else could you expect from a rule breaker. She breaks all the rules.


Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby   “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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