To Be or Not to Be…Mainstream?

Hey there gals and guys! Early this morning in the wee hours before sunrise I awoke from a dream with a blog rant in mind. Today’s rant is all about why I think this notion of “not being mainstream” has gotten way, WAY out of hand and how we as fans of so many things need to pull our heads out of our own butts.

This all stemmed from a comment on Facebook in which it was implied that I am a hipster because I hate everything. I took it very personally, but it wasn’t until those early a.m. hours that I realized what a jerk I sounded like. We’ve begun to equate anything that is popular or easily accessible as mainstream and all I’m wondering is…isn’t that the point?

I’ll never forget the time I was watching a  Cage the Elephant video on YouTube and I happen to scroll down and read the comments. Some guy was on there in a full blown tizzy about how the band had sold out because they were playing their songs on the radio. I heard the same thing about Kings of Leon when they made “Only By the Night” and the same thing happened when the Black Eyed Peas brought in Fergie. I don’t understand this notion of popular =sell out. Isn’t the point of any musician to get their sound to as many people as possible? If you just wanted to sit in your garage and have jam sessions then you wouldn’t try and get a record deal. “Mainstream radio”, or as I call it “the radio” is for playing music. If you genuinely love a sound, then you should want to hear it all the time. Enjoying music that is easily accessible is not a bad thing people. I don’t want to have to hunt all over the world through obscure record stores and online sites just to get a band’s music. I want to be able to talk about the songs I like with people without everyone staring at me because they have no idea who I’m talking about. We all get our songs from movies, TV, and through word of mouth. If everything stayed obscure there would be no music at all!

Next I want to tackle this whole hipster clothing movement. Scarves and skinny jeans have been around a long time. Beanies and crop tops have been around a very long time. T-shirts with slogans have been around for a very long time. There is no one individual group that owns any of these items. Sure one can overdo their look by wearing all these things at the same time but that doesn’t make them a poser, that makes them tacky. Hipster mentality is annoying because it lacks individuality. People go out of there way and spend a lot of money to look like they don’t bathe and that they raided their grandparents closet for clothes. You can just go to the Goodwill or Salvation Army to get that look and it will be so much cheaper. But instead we are inundated with people who want to be popular by pretending they hate everything that’s popular? You’re trying too hard and this is why nobody likes you. If you want to rock a “Where’s the Beef?” t-shirt then do so, but please don’t do it because you saw this guy on your favorite TV show doing it and you know he’s part a certain crowd that you want to belong too. Think for yourself hipsters…just think for yourself!
She nailed it…

So in conclusion, I’m over this notion of mainstream. Just enjoy what you enjoy. You don’t have to prove your level of cool to anyone through your music choice or your fashion sense. Just go through your day knowing you like who you are and you’ll be ahead of everyone else.

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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