5 Videos That Helped Me Get Through 2013

Hey folks!!!!!

So the year 2013 is on its way out and personally I am SUPER happy to see it go. It was a year of ridiculous ups and downs with a lot of eye opening events that just left me more sad than informed. The Trayvon Martin trial, Our government losing its damn mind over Women’s Rights, Miley Cyrus…need I say more?

Despite all the ugly of this year I had something to help me, VIDEOS. I spent so much time on YouTube this year it’s ridiculous and with that being said, these are the top 5 videos that helped me get through this year:

  1. “She Wolf”; David Guetta feat. Sia

Now normally I try only to listen to David Guetta  when I’m out with people and I have no choice but one morning when I was feeling particularly low I came across this song as a suggestion from YouTube and that was all she wrote. I LOVE THIS SONG. Yes the beat is a little irrational at times but the video and the lyrics are awesome not to mention I’m a huge fan of Sia. This song was played 10 times a day for at least a week

2. “What The Water Gave Me”;Florence + The Machine

This song took my breath away almost immediately! Her voice is haunting, a Virginia Woolf reference, not to mention a music video showing the process behind the music. It all made for one fantastic recipe of mood music for this writer. When I woke up I played this song, before I fell asleep, when I was pissed, when I wanted to focus. This song could do no wrong for me

3. “If I Had a Heart”; Fever Ray

The first time I heard that beat come in watching Vikings, I was hooked on this song. I had never heard anything like it and it had me on the internet for hours finding out everything I could about Fever Ray. It was a song that caused a primal reaction in me and I love it when music can take you places you didn’t know you had. When I found out that this was the same singer from The Knife it was all I needed to know.

4. “Do I Wanna Know”; Arctic Monkeys

Now this song is a little more recent but I can’t make this list without it because it has literally saved this year for me. What an incredibly sexy song! I mean seriously, I had no idea that Arctic Monkeys could tap into the darker side of sexy like they did with this song. I instantly favorited the video on YouTube as soon as it came out and I’ve been playing it in heavy rotation ever since

5. “A Pep Talk From Kid President to You”; SoulPancake

The story behind this choice is simple. I was having a horrible week, I mean crawl under all your covers and never come out again kind of week and I let everyone know I was ready to give up on life and just be a bum in the streets 🙂 A friend of mind posted this video on my Facebook page and I am so grateful that she did. This little kid is a genius and I really did need that pep talk! If you haven’t seen this video yet I’m telling you it will make your day

So those were the videos that helped me through the year. I have many more from bands like Fleet Foxes, The Neighbourhood, Lana Del Rey, The Black Keys, and even Avicii but the five I listed above really got me through the dark times

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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