Top 5 Movies I Watch on TV

Well hello there! I really gotta get better about writing more blogs but you know how these things go so I’m just gonna say I promise to try and here’s a new one for your reading pleasure ūüėÄ

You ever find yourself sitting in front of the TV on a Sunday afternoon and there is absolutely nothing on? Of course you have because this is America and we love TV so let’s take it a step further and say; Have you ever found yourself stopping to watch the same movies on TV over and over? Well I certainly have so without further ado, here are the five movies I watch every time their playing on TV, usually on TNT or Spike TV ūüėČ

GLADIATOR-¬†I don’t care what part the movie is at, when I see Gladiator on the TV I’m watching it. I could listen to Maximus talk all day and I never get tired of seeing Commodious die…NEVER

“Are you not entertained?!”…sorry couldn’t resist






last castle

THE LAST CASTLE- Not a lot of people know about this movie but how can you go wrong with a military prison, Robert Redford who is still crazy hot even though he’s old, and James Gandolfini acting like a giant nerd with no friends?



REMEMBER THE TITANS- Do I even need to give an explanation¬†here? If so then maybe you need a foot broke off in your John Brown hind parts…I’m just saying¬†














CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK- Ok I’m just gonna duck now…are you done throwing things? For years the TNT version of this movie was the only way¬†I had ever seen it, and then recently they put it on¬†CineMax¬†and I¬†got to see all those extra deleted scenes. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the movie is still pretty terrible, but I love it none the less
















MEN OF HONOR- Who doesn’t love a movie with good old fashion racism and Robert Dinero playing a character named Leslie Sunday?! Probably Cuba Gooding Jr.’s best movie since Boyz in the Hood and I learned all types of useless crap about the rules of Navy diving













CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY- Hmmm creepy Johnny Depp. The creep factor in this movie is what pulls me in every time. A man with a giant candy factory luring in little children that he then tortures to song? Sign me up









So there you have it folks! Be sure to check those movies out if you haven’t seen them yet, although if you haven’t seen them yet you clearly don’t have a television. Enjoy!

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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