4 Fairy Tales that Prove Adults Hate Children

I mean the title says it all right? We grow up with these stories in our childhood that parents and teachers repeat over an over again but the lesson is always the same: Adults mess up and then children get punished. I don’t know about everyone else but I find this HIGHLY suspicious!

So with that thought in mind I give you 4 Fairy Tales that Prove Adults hate children:

1. The Pied Piper – We all know this story; some terrible town was infested with rats and this lone man and his pipe came to save the pied-piper-king-williams--001day. Creepy as it may be that there was a man, wandering alone, with a pipe that could control animals, he still did that town a great service. And how did they repay him you ask? They didn’t! When he showed up to get his money from them they had none and they felt that it was more than ok that he had been tricked into helping them. So what did he do in return? HE TOOK ALL THEIR CHILDREN. They knew they didn’t have the money but they took the risk anyway and now some weirdo with a flute is controlling the minds of their children…for shame



2. Hansel and Gretel- Where do I begin with all that is wrong with this story? How about we start with the parental negligence inHansel-and-Gretel where a father allows his horrible wife to throw his kids out into the woods and  never comes to look for them? How about the fact that they had to use their only source of food as a way home and then it was eaten by forest creatures? What about the fact that there is some crazy bitch in the woods luring children into her home made of candy and then EATING THEM?! As if all this horror isn’t enough the children are then forced to survive by murdering this woman just to escape. The amount of PTSD they must have suffered from is unbelievable.




3. Rapunzel- This story sets back the entire female gender not to mention has some of the worst parents you could possibly rapunzel1imagine. A woman went her whole life praying for a child and then after she finally gets one allows this child to be given away to a sorceress so that she can eat really delicious salad each day? The husband would do anything to please the wife, like sneaking into the yard of a powerful witch and stealing from her, and when the witch demands his one an only daughter he gives her up so that he can feed his wife salad. Are you effing serious?!!! Now this little girl has to spend her entire life locked in a tower being some cooky witch’s real life Barbie doll. That’s just messed up.






4. The Boy Who Cried Wolf- Now I know what you’re thinking, this kid was a jerk… but ALL KIDS ARE JERKS! The boy was bored.the-boy-who-cried-wolf-story-2 Forced to sit on a hill watching sheep all day instead of getting to go to school and play with his friends so he was looking for a way to pass the time. Maybe if someone had sat on the hill with him and kept him company he might not have felt the need to act out. Instead we get a bunch of adults blatantly ignoring the cries of a small child and as a result he is mauled to death by a wolf. Then he became that wolf’s dinner. I wonder what those people had to say for themselves after that.





After writing this I think I might have accidentally scarred myself. I’m gonna go have a talk with my Mother about some things…

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby “Forgive me if I don’t get excited”



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