A Letter to the Indecisive Man…

Hey there,

I have been dealing with your type for some time now and I felt like it was time that I gave you a bit of a reality check 🙂

Just so you know, when you approach me and your eyes are all over my body parts, and then you open your mouth and say those words that all women know, “I’m not in the right place to settle down so I’m not looking for anything serious”, please recognize that you have now been placed into a category entitled: Too Indecisive

See we are very, very aware of this type of man and we know who you are. You are the guy that just broke up with a girl and are missing real companionship but are so terrified that you are missing out on being single that you will jump around from woman to woman when that’s not really what you wanted at all. You are the type of man that will get a woman wrapped up in you because you needed that attention so bad but then you balk when she expects more from you than whatever crumbs you thought she deserved .

Yes my friend we know who you are and let me be the first to tell you, we only got involved with you out of convenience. Are you shocked yet? See when you approached me in this manner that screamed I JUST WANNA SLEEP WITH YOU BUT I DON’T WANT TO PUT IN THE EFFORT TO ACTUALLY DATE YOU, I was placing you onto a list to remind myself that I should not take you too seriously. When you approached me in this manner, wanting to climb into my bed but demanding that I keep it a secret because who needs that drama, understand that I don’t want anyone to know either, and when it all changed and you suddenly realized that I was using you the way you used me, I quietly gained the upper hand in this situation.

Now you’ve reached that point where you realize that I am not like a lot of the women you’ve been involved with. I’m not “pressuring you” or trying to “trap you”. I’m not “making all these demands” or requiring that you “call when you say you will” as most of you will claim the women of your past behave. I’m just so much easier to be around and now you’re feelings have changed. You start looking at me like maybe we could really have something and that maybe you should “make me your girl”. Sweetheart it’s too late now because when you approached me in a manner that told me you only thought I was good enough to pass the time with until something else came along or you figured out what you really wanted, I was putting you in a category called the Indecisive Man and I was making it clear that I would NEVER be with you even if you got down on your knees and begged me.

So enjoy yourself while you can and be sure to lock the door on the way out…

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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