Book Review: Desire; The Seductor Series Vol. 1 by B.L. Wilde

Read in January, 2014


So I just finished this book and I think my face is still on fire from all the blushing. This book is HOTT, two t’s kinda HOTT and it never stopped being steamy.

Jade Phillips is part of a secret organization that uses sex like police officers use guns. They have access to anything and anyone and they’ve got more tricks than the CIA. Jade is the best at her job (which she states repeatedly through the story) and is riding high on career success until she meets her latest mark Oliver Kirkham (who is apparently a God on Earth from the way everyone flipped out over him when they saw him).

This is not your “I’m in the mood for a life changing story” kind of book. Desire is the kind of book you pick up when you want to be turned on by what you’re reading. Literally in the first chapter of the story you get hit with a VERY steamy sex scene and this pattern continues throughout the whole story.

Now here’s what struck me odd about the story, Jade is basically a prostitute but she doesn’t like to be compared to one, Oliver is a pushy jerk sometimes but he’s supposed to be the guy getting played. The author does her best to make you feel for Jade, but also kind of ends up making you feel annoyed at Oliver and all his demands. I mean his heart is supposed to be in the right place but it’s like back off guy she just met you!

Most of what I didn’t like about this story had to do with the writing style. The author is a huge fan of the word “fuck” and the phrases “holy shit” and “oh. my. god.” haha. I’m pretty sure one of those words was in every sentence. Also everyone in the story was either muttering, snarling, or winking aggressively, and nobody just kisses one another their lips must constantly crash together. It got to be very repetitive.

All in all I enjoyed this story and I am genuinely interested to find out how Oliver feels about being duped! I look forward to the next volume in the series.

Yours Truly,
Amber Mosby “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”

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