Let Me Tell You Why He’s So HOT!

Ok ok I know what you’re thinking but I couldn’t resist…

Let me start off by saying I love men. I love everything about em. They are infuriating, confusing, studly creatures that make my blood boil in all the fun ways and I feel like celebrating them a little.

This all stemmed from a preview of the new season of Mad Men. Now I don’t watch that show but I certainly love me some Jonn Hamm! Basically you can blame this entire post on him :-D.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 hotties:




Channing Tatum- I have had a crush on Channing Tatum for so long it is hard to remember a time I didn’t sigh when I saw his name. This guy is from the South ( like me, which gets him so many bonus points), he’s funny, he’s built, and HE CAN DANCE! Add to this the fact that he doesn’t mind making fun of himself and you have a fantastic specimen on your hands. Did I mention how hot he is? Like sexiest man alive hot 😉



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson- Oh my goodness he is just so much man at one time! Now lately he’s so big it scares me a little but he seems like the kind of guy that throws you over his shoulder and carries you to the bedroom and I dig that about him. Besides the man looks amazing in a suit, has an incredible smile, and is a hell of an athlete. I’ve been a fan of The Rock since the WWF days and he just keeps getting better with age.



Idris Elba- This is a bad boy if there ever was one…that accent and that cocky manner are the perfect combination and I swear I could just sit and listen to him talk. He’s so well put together and when they cast him as Heimdall my nerdy fantasies came true. I want to go on about his chocolate skin and his handsome face but I think you get the idea.



Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon)- Now I know I’m not the only one who saw Ninja Assassins! How badass was he in that movie?! So hot, so agile, and a super model to boot. Not to mention how well he sings! Have you heard his voice? This guy was a game changer for me because he’s so pretty but I still love him!



Michael Fassbender- Oh Magneto! This lanky Irishmen came in and stole me heart when I saw him in The 300 and I never looked back. He is so talented as an actor (even in Jonah Hex) and the fact that he speaks more than one language really does it for me. He is another one of those guys that looks so amazing in a suit and when he’s staring directly at you, you’re not looking anywhere else but at him.



Javier Bardem- That voice…that voice! Need I say more? When I saw Love in the Time of Cholera, it made me want to find love just like that movie and that’s a really big deal damn it. The way he speaks, the way he carries himself, the way he is ruggedly beautiful makes Javier Bardem a dream lover. It’s like he oozes old fashioned romance and if you haven’t seen that movie how about Vicky, Christina, Barcelona? SOLD!



David Beckham- This is based almost purely on his looks haha. Come on I said almost! I used to keep a poster of him at the foot of my bed in my dorm room so that he was the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning. He’s crazy good at soccer, he’s an underwear model, and he makes beautiful babies. What else is there to say?



Travis Fimmel- When he was just a Calvin Klein model I was hooked on him, now he’s Ragnar Lothbrok and it don’t get no better than that. It’s his eyes that really do it for me. They’re like this perfect crystal blue and they just make me want to take his photograph…clothing optional of course.



Vin Diesl- Yes I said it and I don’t feel bad about it! I’ve got one word for you…Riddick. That opening monologue in Pitch Black changed the way I thought about men forever. Suddenly it became about deep voices and how cool they sound when they whisper to you. People don’t give Vin Diesel the hype he deserves but I certainly will. He is so strong and he keeps his body in amazing shape. He is goofy in all the right ways and he made me care about cars for a while. I love Vin Diesel!



Omari Hardwick- Oh my gosh I want to stare into his eyes forever. This man is beautiful, an amazing actor, and he pulls off intimidating so well! I love the way he talks and the way he dresses, I love his smile…I love him. He deserves more hype too and I am so glad to give it to him. He’s good looking in an old fashion way. He’s exactly the guy you picture when you think the word handsome.


So that’s that! I would go all fan crazy over any of these guys and I wouldn’t even be embarrassed because I think they are all that HOT!

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby  “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”



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