Tis the season…

Hello all!

I have been suffering through quite the hectic summer. After an amazing trip to New York and Ireland, I returned home to find out that both my roommates were moving out and that I had about three weeks to find a new place. Luckily it all worked out for the best and I am now very comfortable in my new apartment but in the midst of all this one of my good friends got married!


Now I myself have often wondered if I will ever get married but as I have almost reached the ripe old age of 29, it is a notion that my mind is returning to more and more these days. Once upon a time if a woman passed the age of 25 without being married she was considered a spinster and might as well fill her home with cats, but now more and more women are waiting to get married and I am wondering if I’ve missed my boat.

Dating has changed, the tempo of relationships has changed, and now career driven women are a staple in life and the “acceptable” age for marriage has changed. Am I missing out on something? Have I turned down the wrong path in life? I feel like I party more now than I ever did before and I’m just a tad bit afraid that it’s starting to look a little desperate. Don’t get me wrong here, I recognize that these are my own personal hang ups and I would never presume to apply this train of thought to all women, but we’re supposed to want to be married right? I’ve always believed that I wanted a husband and children but the clock is ticking so to speak and I feel no stronger urge to find a life partner and settle down now than I did when I was 20….ahhh maybe I’m over thinking things.

All existential thinking aside, the wedding was lovely and I was glad to do my part in celebrating it. I think the pressure might be on for some of us now because I hear that weddings are contagious and I have more than one set of “couple friends”. It’s inevitable I suppose…time moves forward, people get older, and our focus narrows down to what’s really important. Guess I better get ready to dust off my dancing shoes.


Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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