Things I am Sick of Hearing

I mean I think the title explains it all.

I was reading this post on and it basically went on and on about how people misuse the words hate and victim and apparently something about a SJW (which I’m still not that clear on) and it got me to thinking. There are lots of phrases and slang words that I wish could just be erased from time so that no one ever has to suffer them again so I figured I would make a list.

And away we go! 

  1. BAE– I do not have a side eye emoji strong enough for how I feel about this word. I do not know where it came from but I’m just gonna go ahead and blame Vine for shoving it so far down our throats that it somehow became and acceptable term of endearment. BAE according to the internet is an acronym for “before anyone else” and  is supposed to imply that you are someone’s significant other. I guess boyfriend/girlfriend just isn’t clear enough for people these days.
  2. Fleek– Where do I begin with this term…Honestly I have no idea. Just what in the hell is a fleek and why are people always using it in reference to their eyebrows? Apparently it’s a way to say that something looks good i.e. “that outfit is on fleek”. I feel like people are trying really hard to just not speak English anymore.
  3. Or Nah?– I  can not believe that this phrase is still popular. “Are you mad…or nah?” took social media by storm and I just didn’t think for one second that so many people in my personal life would be saying this. Yes I am mad…I thought that was pretty clear. This is a new way to mock people for having strong reactions to things because apparently “letting something get to you” is just the worst thing you could possibly do.
  4. What’s Gucci?-….again I need more side eye. Every year I hear these new slang terms and I just feel like folks are going out of their way to confuse people with their words. Why did “what’s good?” need a remix? When did Gucci become so awesome that it could describe your mood? Come on man seriously?
  5. Let’s Go Champ– Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs I blame you for this. I know you’re trying to regain your popularity and I know you want that fight against Klitschko but damn it please just shut up for a little while. I think you are an amazing athlete but you are entirely too loud and are bordering on manic. It’s not a good look my friend and you have taken this simple phrase and turned it into the anthem for overly pumped up jerks that don’t know how to calm down. It’s on t-shirts, there’s a song, it’s all over Twitter and I’ve got a friend over here that has made it his daily mantra. I’ve had enough.

As per usual I could keep going with this but the Packers are playing so I’m out of here. Also all the best side eye comes from the Real House Wives of Atlanta!


Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby  “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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