The Legend of Korra Finale

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

I wanted to start off with some positive vibes because I’m about o do something I have never done before: type out a nerd rant online because I don’t like what someone did to a show I love.

There will be spoilers

Now I’ve had a lot of strong feelings about several subjects (any of you following this blog know that) but I have to say that this last season of The Legend of Korra has made me so angry that I must force my opinions and insight down everyone’s throats. Truth be told I’ve got a bone to pick with the entirety of this story line.

You know what I hate? I hate when writers create the next installment in a story line and then completely ignore cliffhangers from the first installment. What happened with Zuko’s mother? Or Zuko’s sister? Or Zuko’s girlfriend? What is the White Lotus and did Iroh ever get back connected with his people to start whatever movement was hinted at during The Last Airbender? The writers had four new seasons to answers these questions and chose to give us ZERO explanation. For fans of the original show this just seems mean and lazy. I shouldn’t have to hunt all over the internet looking for the shoulda, woulda, couldas of Aang’s story. You had four seasons damn it! Explain yourself!

Next, did anybody else find Korra’s constant melodrama completely forced? She was a 16-year-old girl who’s only hang up was that she couldn’t calm down long enough to figure out how to air bend and yet she went through like 5 “woe is me” phases. I found it incredibly irritating and a little insulting that we get this female Avatar and one of her biggest issues is that she is stealing someone’s boyfriend. Aang was a 12-year-old boy who ran away from his duty leaving the world to crumble into anarchy for 100 years. That’s real grief, that’s a real problem, THAT is a real goddamned issue. He was only 12 and yet Aang showed more maturity and wisdom than a 16-year-old with a whole team of adults training/guiding her. It was laughable.

Now I did enjoy the Zaheer story arc. He was a great villain who challenged Korra in a way other’s hadn’t before. I really liked him, but dragging this arc into the fourth and final season was not fun for me. Yes Zaheer poisoned Korra but in the first season Korra gets her bending taken away and she bounced back from that so fast it was like it never happened. This whole “I’m scared because I was poisoned” plot was a lame contrast to the “I need to defeat this strong dictator” plot. And speaking of Kuvira…who the hell is this chick? Where the hell did she come from and how the hell did she amass and army of that size without anyone saying anything? She created her own symbols, uniforms, customs, and prison camps and nobody thought that maybe just maybe she was a big enough threat to do something about until she stepped up and said “Hey I’m taking over the world”?! How did this happen right under everyone’s nose?

And last but not least…surprise lesbian ending? But…but…but why? Why did it matter at all who Korra ended up with? She had just ripped open a new spirit portal right in the middle of the fucking city and the writers thought it was more important to have Korra run off on a lesbian vacation with Asami?!!!! Just like what the hell you guys? Republic city is in shambles, the Earth Kingdom is about to be without a monarchy for the first time EVER, and the world just found out that spirit vines contain enough energy to blow holes in the planet but none of that matters because HOORAY Korra and Aasami are gay for each other! And for those comments and sites I’ve read claiming that this relationship had been building for two seasons all I can ask is when? Were they falling for each other when Korra lost her memory and immediately went back to Mako? Or maybe it was when Asami and Mako started seeing each other again? Was it when Korra bailed on her responsibility as an Avatar for three years because she was sad? When did this friendship/sisterhood shift over to relationship? This right here is probably my biggest complaint with the Legend of Korra. Korra never took her responsibilities as the Avatar of the World seriously enough to me. There was always more pissing, moaning, and failing that we as viewers were just supposed to be ok with than actually seeing Korra be the Avatar and that is all bad my friends.

I could keep going but I’m just getting more annoyed so I will stop here. Honestly I just wanna go re-watch The Last Airbender so I can see Aang and all the characters I loved again.

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby


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