Spring is For The Birds!

Hey gang!

This Sunday marks that age old and pointless tradition known as Daylight Saving’s Time which means that now we have to lose an entire hour of sleep…color me irritated. Some people are extra hyped because this means that Spring is soon upon us but I say bah humbug. I say we should maybe fight a little harder to keep the colder seasons around. Now I know that scientifically this is impossible. The Earth must rotate and the seasons must change but that doesn’t mean we gotta go throwing Spring a parade like it’s just the best thing that ever happened to us. No, I am here to rally for the darker half of the year and I aim to convince you just how awesome Fall and Winter can be by the end of this post. Just give me a chance!

Bugs vs. Almost No Bugs: SPIDERS!!!! So many spiders will be born once spring comes and those things can crawl into your ear canal and then into your brain (at least that’s what my mother always told me) not to mention bees, beetles, wasps, and all other kinds of creepy crawlies clawing their way up from the Earth to craw into your food. ANTS! Did I mention how much of your life is about to be ruined by ants? In the colder seasons all those bugs go to ground and the most you have to deal with is a cricket in your kitchen.

Boots, Boots, and Also Boots: So many lovely styles! Winter is the perfect season for all those fantastic pairs of boots you bought on discount because Spring came too early and they had product to move. Ugg boots, leather boots, fur lined boots, thigh high, and ankle boots as far as the eye can see and thick socks to go with them! Once spring hits all you’ll see is flats and running shoes…boring.

Naps Are So Much Better: During the Fall and Winter the sky is always full of these huge gray clouds that block out the glaring light of the sun and naps become the easiest thing in the world to have. 2 o’clock in the afternoon can look like night time and your body just relaxes back into those covers with almost no effort whatsoever. In the Spring the sun is almost always bright enough to show you just how much stuff you need to get done and taking a nap in the middle of a bright, shiny day makes you feel like a jerk!

Seasonal Beverages: During Fall and Winter, businesses, mostly coffee shops (ok mostly Starbucks), start doing this amazing thing like flavoring your drink with pumpkin, spice, and mint. Suddenly your beverages are so much better because they are warm, tasty, and reminding you of being snuggled up in your bed. Oh you don’t like coffee, no problem I’ve got one word for you Oktoberfest. Beer ladies and gentlemen, so many seasonal beers that are dark, rich, and full bodied in a way that Spring just can’t touch. When it comes to Spring beers everything is flavored with lemon and so light in color they are practically clear.

The Holidays Are Better: Halloween, (my birthday), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s BOOM! Those are the best holidays of the year hands down and they all happen in a perfect row during Fall and Winter. What does Spring have? Easter…spring break? Pshaw! Winter break is longer and better, not to mention once you get to college you get the whole week of Thanksgiving off too. No contest!

As per usual I could keep going as I have several more points, but I think I have laid out a very sound argument. Now if someone could just invent some kind of device to keep the world colder, maybe get Mr. Freeze on the line, then we can get this party started. Don’t forget your scarf and gloves.

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby  “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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