When Boy Bands Break Up!

Hey there guys and gals! Recently there has been what some would call a tragedy in the music industry.  Don’t worry people I know how you feel. One day you’re walking along jamming out, listening to your iPod, happy and secure that all is right with the universe…and then you pull out your phone and open up Twitter (or maybe Yahoo news) and get the shock of your life. Your favorite boy band has just imploded! In case you live under or rock (or just have a real life) Zayn Malik just quit One Direction and nothing will ever be the same…

Actually everything will be the same because as any true fan girl/guy knows there is always that point when the band falls apart and we are left evaluating our lives as we try and contemplate a future without our favorite cheesy pop music. It’s heartbreaking and you will never be the same after the dust settles. So in honor of this tragedy here are some of the biggest heartbreaks I suffered, when boy bands broke up

NSYNC– Need I say anything else? Why oh why did they have to break up? JC had the best voice and Justin danced his way right into my heart! I was going to marry him…we had so much in common and then the rest of the group was going to be at our wedding and perform a song that they had written just for me! Instead people decided they wanted to go solo and suddenly it was bye bye bye to my hopes of ever performing on stage with NSYNC. Bastards…

Backstreet Boys– I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did…as long as you keep singing cheesy pop songs that I can blast at sleepovers. 8th grade was the peak of my love for this boy band and I had that special place in my heart for that bad boy A.J.. He was misunderstood but I knew I could be there for him. The fact that we would eventually find out he had a substance abuse problem was an issue that my 14 year old brain would just gloss right over because I couldn’t get enough of that song “The Call”. Damn that was a good song! (opens up YouTube).

98 Degrees– why not 100 degrees? I always wondered that…but anyway why did they have to break up?! Nick Lachey has such an incredible voice and the songs that this group sang were just amazing. Don’t believe me? Go look up the song “Invisible Man” and then come back. Don’t worry I’ll wait…yeah that song is amazing! This band did not get the love they deserved and I was truly shocked when they broke up. Damn it, now I need a tissue.

Boyz II Men– Some of the best love songs that have ever existed have come from this band. I remember being 9 years old with a Boyz II Men tape that I played so many times that the it melted and could never be played again! They wore matching outfits and had awesome dance routines, and their songs were on some really good soundtracks. Ugh why Boyz II Men why? Who’s going to sing the songs that are on the soundtracks of my dreams now? They have recently gotten back together but they are missing Michael so it’s not the same.

There are many more bands I could list like the Jonas Brothers who tried to convince everyone not to have sex, The Wanted who sang that one song with their mouths, New Kinds on The Block which is like one of the first American boy bands (they kinda set the standard) and many more I’ve never even heard of. So to all you One Direction fans I say these things happen. Your life will go on and soon you will have another group that you can insist is the best band in the world and you can start planning all the fake weddings you want.

Now I’m gonna go have a private dance party with all my favorite songs from my childhood.

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby  “Forgive me if I don’t get excited”


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