Dear Ki Ki

Hey there!!! Don’t worry folks I haven’t forgotten my pledge to flood the internet with my short stories and today I have a fun one for you.

So I kinda started missing home and by home I mean that amazing area known as The South, and it made me think of when a person moves to the big city and leaves all that they know behind. I wrote this letter as if two cousins were trying to keep in touch with one another across a huge divide…

Dear Ki Ki,

Hey girl how you been? How many moons have passed since we last spoke, too many child just too many. So I guess it’s time to play the catch up with one another. I’m sure you probably heard about Aunt Ruthie passing. She went real quietly in her sleep. They found her that morning when they brought in her breakfast. The funeral service was lovely. They put her in this real nice dress and did her hair and everything. Your mama cried an awful lot, she almost fainted, and then the reverend came and draped a blanket around her. I feel bad about it now but I couldn’t help laughing a little at the time because the blanket had little ducks on it. Now he should know better than to go grab a child’s blanket and cover somebody with at a funeral!

But it’s not all bad news here. My brother just had another baby. This one is mighty number five and what my brother claims is the last one. We both know he ain’t got sense enough to make sure his wife don’t get pregnant! Now I’m laughing in the kitchen and the kids are looking at me like I’m crazy. Damn kids have been driving me crazy I swear! But anyway how bout you? You finally got any baby pictures to send home? I know your daddy would sure be glad to see some. Living out there in that big city isn’t making you too lonely is it? I heard they got more people than houses out there. Have you met any famous people yet? They got famous people in New York right? Oh before I forget, guess who was asking about you the other day when I was at the supermarket…Earl Wallace! Yes, he walked right up to me as if no time had passed at all and asked when you was going to get some sense and come back home. I told him you had all the sense you needed right where you are and that he should get on home and mind his wife. Girl I swear these dummies round here never change.

Ok I won’t take up no more of your time with my carrying on but I just wanted to tell you that I am so proud of you cousin. You always did have dreams big enough for all of us. I hope I see you come Christmas and you take care of yourself.

Sincerely Yours,

Cousin Lettie

Hope you enjoyed this. I might need to take a trip home real soon.

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby  “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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