It’s Election Time

Hey there! I know my friends, it has been too long. I see some of you have started to forget about me, but now I am back again to remind you of why you read my blog in the first place! I went into a little mini hibernation *cough* four months *cough* but I’m back baby and I have A LOT to say.

Let’s dive right in shall we?

We have an election coming up in 14 days and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy! Our two main candidates seem to be some of the most disliked people on the earth since…Nazis? I wanna say Nazis here. I get it. He’s a big, racist ass and she’s a sneaky, lying wanker and we’d all like to see them both disappear. What I am finding most baffling, besides someone as unqualified to run a nation as Donald Trump running for President of the United States, is the number of people who are so angry with Hillary Clinton that they would vote for someone like Trump just to avoid voting for her! He is openly hostile, bigoted, sexist, degrading, evasive, loud, and completely unappealing, but somehow that is better than Hillary because…emails? Benghazi? I mean I get that she is unlikeable, she panders to certain demographics and comes off like a complete phony, she is equally evasive, and often has no idea how to relate to her audience…I get it. But y’all, Donald Trump is a monster. He’s like a genuine boogey man hiding in your closet, watching you while you sleep kind of monster. He’s like the kind of guy women are told to look out for in college because they are gonna spike your drink and take advantage of you kind of monster. He’s like the “I’m about to bankrupt your whole country” kind of monster.

How did we get here? Did you know that you can spite Hillary while not voting for one of the most useless people on the planet? Vote Green and trip out on conspiracy theories and clean living! Vote Libertarian and like get a gun or something (I don’t really know much about those guys). Write in Bernie Sanders if you just can’t let that go (don’t feel bad I’m still sad too). Just please for the love of all that is holy, don’t vote for that Giant Douche (South Park reference). I’m scared folks, I’m genuinely scared. If we try to leave and go to other countries they aren’t going to let us in because America is super unpopular right now.I mean look at how we’ve been treating refugees…


Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby  “Forgive me if I don’t get excited.”


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