What’s That on the Horizon?

Hey everybody!

Guess what? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, sill not Christmas, I mean come on some of us LOVE Thanksgiving and do not appreciate the way folks rush passed it to get to Christmas. No my friends it’s my favorite season of all…SCORPIO SEASON!!!!


As a Scorpio, I recognize that we are very powerful creatures with a mysterious allure that many find hard to resist; and guess what? You shouldn’t try. It’s so much easier to love us than to fight us. Trust me, you don’t want that battle. With that being said, I recognize that some people can be very stubborn (myself included) and will still end up on the bad side of the powerhouse of the western zodiac. Not to worry for I am here to rescue you from yourself…and from us. Since Scorpios are just as easy to hate as they are to love, here are some tips for surviving the Scorpio in your life. d1da1e4905dbdd148debf9d92f4cae28

  1. GIVE US OUR SPACE! – You have no idea just how much quiet time a Scorpio actually requires. There are days when I won’t answer my phone, I don’t turn on my television, I don’t leave my bed and it is glorious. Remember that part about Scorpios being a powerhouse? Yeah sometimes all that high energy is exhausting and we require days to unplug. Don’t take it personally, not everything is about you.
  2. Food, always food! – When in doubt, feed us. Nothing is worth staying angry over when you have a fantastic meal in front of you. Is your Scorpio cranky? Is your Scorpio acting like a tyrant? Is your Scorpio actually hissing at you? FOOD. A full belly makes everything better, and if you can add cheese to it then you better add that cheese.
  3. Yes we love sex, no we are not sex toys! – This one gets me the most, I swear it does. I enjoy a very healthy sexual appetite as is my right as a human being. What I do not enjoy is this expectation of performing on command just because Scorpios have a reputation. Granted that reputation is well earned (wink wink) but I don’t perform on command. Effort is required and you will be mocked openly if there is none.
  4. Let us be gloomy! – Things resonate deeper with Scorpios. Our sads are a little sadder, our grumpy are Seven Dwarfs level grumpy, and that dark place we have inside us is not for the faint of heart. We do get sucked in and become moody. Half the time you won’t see it because we are very good at hiding it and the other time it can take us over. We apologize in advance and we are working on our communication skills.
  5. We secretly love you with all our hearts! – That’s right I said it! Did you really think that a group of people that can rage like we do, party as hard as we do, and argue the way that we do would not love just as passionately? Here’s the kicker, it’s not something we want to talk about. We’re not really the sentimental type. We could be standing with you at the alter on our wedding day with tears running down our faces and mock you for being too sensitive. Yes we love you, no we don’t wanna talk about it.

And that’s that. I guess the conclusion here is that Scorpios are complicated, but actually kind of simple once you get to know us. Also November Scorpios are much cooler than October Scorpios. Tell those Libra’s in disguise that I said kick rocks!

Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby   “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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