What You Said vs What They Heard

Hey there! So I know that recently a major, historical event has taken place and everyone is shaken up but I wanna try and have some fun right now. Talking about how we feel can be hard y’all. Wanting to express yourself to others or get your point across can sometimes get jumbled up in all the nuance of conversation. It can trigger you and you end up shouting out something you never meant to shout or revealing something you wanted to keep to yourself. It can be a forest full of landmines these days.

So after having a small argument (sarcasm-fest) with the guy I am dating, I felt like a little bit of a he said, she said might be fun to read with all that’s going on. Come and take a ride with me!

What he said: “Figured you had enough male friends…but I guess what’s one more

What she heard: “You have too many guy friends and I don’t like it”

He was “bothered” by a friend she added on Facebook, and she felt like he was trying to insult her.

What she said: I can’t right now, I have to get to class and I can’t be late

What he heard: I can get through the day just fine without being with you

She had a busy schedule that he was unaware of, and he felt like she should have initiated the intimacy

What he said: “You could call if something doesn’t make sense to you…that’s what I would do

What she heard: “You’re not doing what I want you to do and that’s not ok”

He felt like if she cared that he was upset that she would call him and she felt like if he had an issue he would just tell her

Isn’t dating fun? Aren’t words a blast? Can you imagine how many times a person has tried to express themselves only to have it blow up into something else? Some of you might be thinking: Damn she is putting their business on blast! Well it’s my blog honey and I write what I want, don’t act like you can’t relate.

My point is to think about the impact of your words, weigh them, consider how you might feel if someone said them to you. Maybe just maybe if people start doing this a little more we’ll have a lot less drama.


Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby  “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”



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