Ode to A Dreamer

Evening everyone!

So some time ago, I wrote a blog about those that soldier on in life. It was my simple attempt at a nod to those of us that once had great dreams for our lives, then accepted that it doesn’t always happen that way and sometimes you have settle into the life that was given to you. The blog was about acceptance but tonight I would like to write about those brave souls that refuse to let those dreams go.

Inspired primarily by a conversation with an extremely close friend of mine, I want to thank those of you who have held fast to your dreams. My previously mentioned friend is a dreamer on the brink of losing it and when he reached out to me I couldn’t get my words straight. Being from shock, anger, or the slight guilt I felt jumbling my thoughts earlier when texting you my friend I wanted to say this to you:

Please reconsider. You have reached an age of reflection, a time of checks and balances and I know you may feel like you are coming up short. Please reconsider. Being a dreamer is not an easy task and it takes a certain type of someone to breathe life into a steadily shrinking fire. Years of No’s could make the strongest of us bend. Please, reconsider. Hope is sometimes the hardest to find as it is lost so often. It takes a certain type of someone to push in times as cynical as these. Thank you for being a dreamer and thank you to others like you. If nothing else you must realize that dreams can always adapt when prompted.

The weight of the dream is needed for balance, hold tight and look forward.

Whew, that got a little more personal than I expected. Oh well, enjoy yourself.


Yours Truly,

Amber Mosby  “Forgive me if I don’t get excited…”


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